How to Make a Poster from an Adobe Stock Template in Photoshop | Adobe Photoshop CC

Learn how to create a poster from an Adobe Stock template ( in Adobe Photoshop. See steps below.

1. Download practice files ( Or, use your own!
2. Click New from the left panel in Photoshop.
3. Download and open the poster template: Choose the Print category in the New Document window, scroll to find Indie Rock Newspaper, click it and select Download (first time use), then Open.
4. Click Resolve Fonts to download/synchronize the missing font to your computer, if necessary.
5. Replace headline text: Select the Text (T) tool. In the Layers panel, expand the Text layer group, expand the Headline layer group, click the INDIEROCK layer. Double click the text to highlight it and type THREE AT TEN. The headline is too big for the space, highlight the text and resize to 75pt.
6. Replace headline color: Expand the Graphic layer group, expand the Headline layer group. Double click the thumbnail on the Headline box layer to open the color picker. Use the sliders on the color bar to go to the purple range. Move the color picker around until you like the color, copy the color code in the # field, click OK.
7. Replace the orange backgrounds: Expand the Artists layer group, double click the thumbnail on the Box layer to open the color picker. Paste the color code in to the # field, click OK. Expand the Box layer group and repeat for the three layers in the group.
8. Add images: Expand the Images layer group, expand the Main Artist layer group. Double click the thumbnail on the layer to open a new window where you’ll add a photo. Drag the MainArtist.jpg file from your computer on to the canvas. If needed, drag the corner handles to fit the photo into the space and press Enter. Save and close the extra window. Repeat this process for the Other Artist 1 and Other Artist 2 layer groups with OtherArtist1.jpg and OtherArtist2.jpg image files.
9. Save and print your file to PDF.

That’s it!

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