How to Make a Custom Brush for a Logo or Watermark in Photoshop #AskPiX

Learn how to make a logo brush in Photoshop! Today, we will Understand the fundamentals of creating a custom brush in Photoshop. Right from preparing an image or an object for the creation of the brush to how it all works, we are going to explore the vast amount of settings and possibilities which will enable us to go creative with the brush.

Whether you want to watermark your images or brand your social media campaign, making a brush is a very convenient and time-saving method to brand all your content across platforms with your desired color, which might differ from image to image in order to create contrast. We’ll dive deep into the technical nitty-gritty of creating the brush, for instance, how does the color of the source image affect the intensity of the brush.

At the end, I got a SURPRISE for you, so don’t miss it! Thanks a lot for watching. I hope this was helpful.

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