How to Edit Fine Art in Photoshop! | Retouching & Editing Tutorial pt. 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud

Want to learn how to Retouch images in Photoshop like a pro? Join photographer Elena Paraskeva as she takes you through her process of editing her fine art series on Adobe Live. Watch as Elena shows her photo editing process from high-end photo retouching, adding light shadows and adding texture to your photos using Photoshop. Stay tuned for day 2 where she’ll share how to create uniformity across a series!

Elena’s LUT:

Guest Elena Paraskeva is a Conceptual Photographer & Art Director based in Cyprus:

Host Idara Ekpoh is a Nigerian-American photographer, creative director, and educator based in Arizona:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:38 Introduction
02:10 Elena’s introduction
05:00 Overview of the photo
07:02 Camera Raw Filter
08:02 Selecting and masking
11:17 Refining hair
16:45 What lighting did you use?
18:30 Editing and retouching hair
23:50 Frequency Separation
33:25 Editing stray hairs
36:24 Dodge and burn effect with Curves
40:15 Favorite photographers
48:40 Resizing and printing
56:04 Color adjustments
1:07:17 Adjust skin brightness
1:11:45 Tips for Curves
1:14:00 Adding in the background texture
1:20:40 Overview of Elena’s compositing work
1:25:15 Exporting Color Lookup Files
1:30:22 Artist Spotlight

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How to Edit Fine Art in Photoshop! | Retouching & Editing Tutorial pt. 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud


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