How to design an iPhone home

Learn design with Doug Patt at his live virtual webcam studio.

Welcome to design a dwelling – volume 4. Im Doug Patt. This is the series where we pick a site and put a house on it. I was reminded of the childrens story Gullivers travels the other day so Ive decided to build on the theme of altered scale. Todays site is my garage and well use this spare tire Ive had laying around. Now, since one tire is a little tough to do anything with lets imagine weve got say three. The challenge now is that the tires are small, so lets imagine theyre gigantic kind of like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. Now lets imagine the tires are the framework for our new house. Well attach all three with some kind of vulcanized rubber panels and add some windows across the tread surface to get light inside. Once inside weve got some decorating to do. Flat screen TVs have become very popular of late, as have mobile phones. So lets put the two together. Well super size the iPhone Ive got in my pocket and design the house around that. Once the phones mounted on the wall its like a big screen TV. Now it might be interesting to consider using a rolling ladder or step stool to touch the screen icons. Another advantage of this larger phone is that the speakers at the bottom of the phone would be just the right size for surround sound and surfing the web at that scale would be a whole new experience. So lets get down to business and discuss some of the features of our new home. One of the most interesting parts of the iphone is the accelerometer. The phone takes advantage this device inside the phone that allows the information on the screen to be viewed in two modes, right side up and sideways. Now one could imagine having the option to spin the phone inside of the house so it can be viewed in either mode. Furthermore we should probably take advantage of the fact that the home is, after all, a large wheel. With this, it might be neat to imagine that the home could roll like a large mobile home of sorts, to any destination. The interior spaces could be on some kind of axis so that nothing on the interior move while the outside of the home rolls down the street. Now, nobody likes his or her car to get scratched. With this in mind, the home could even have its own cover to prevent unwanted dings, just like my iPhone! And there you have it. A modern iPhone tire dwelling right out of the land of the Lilliputians. So, thanks for checking out volume 4 of the fairytale version of design a dwelling. This is Doug Patt. See you next time.


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