How to Create a Colorful Banner with Kladi from Printmysoul – 1 of 2

Learn how to create a series of colorful banners to make your ads pop! Join Kladi from Printmysoul as she shows you how to use color themes, gradients, and type in Adobe Illustrator. In this two-part series, you’ll learn how to save a color palette and recycle it to recolor any design!

Host Kladi is a Visual Strategist at Studio Printmysoul based in Manchester, England:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:30 Intro of Kladi
03:00 Reviewing stream assets
10:00 Using Adobe Color
11:40 Building lines with the pen tool
13:50 Changing an elements fill and stroke
16:15 Exporting assets and exploring Artboard Options
20:50 How to use CC Libraries
22:50 How to publish color pallets to Adobe Color
27:00 Using the blend tool
34:00 Duplicating elements
35:50 Framing/aligning elements
37:30 Creating clipping masks
40:00 Working with layers
43:00 Changing the color of points
50:30 Pasting between artboards


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