How to Animate your Illustrations in Adobe Fresco with Anna Daviscourt – 2 of 2

Learn to combine illustration and animation with artist Anna Daviscourt as she brings a charming scene to life in Adobe Fresco.

Guest Anna Daviscourt is a children’s book author and illustrator based in Portland, OR:

Host Anika Aggarwal is a Graphic Designer and Creative Streamer based in New Delhi, India:

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00:00 Start
03:15 Anna’s work experience
07:16 Minimal animation – starting the process
12:02 Animating and timing the frog “ribbit”
17:35 Animation tools – onion skinning
20:59 What Fresco tool surprised Anna the most
24:37 Animating water ripples – looping animation
31:09 Subtle cloud layer animation
36:31 Work with path animation for cloud movement
44:19 Discussing detail “bits” and where ideas come from
46:23 Animating a butterfly – using blend modes to make shadows
48:45 Describing how to create animation paths
57:26 Laying out the shadow path to animate
1:12:11 Continuing to work out the dragon shadow animation
1:16:45 Imposter syndrome discussion and moving past it
1:20:46 Editing the frog animation
1:25:02 Creating with the audience in mind – collaboration
1:31:18 Artist Spotlight of Odari Yohanes
1:39:26 Back to work on the dragon shadow animation
1:45:19 Ideal dragon designs
1:50:26 Adding details to the dragon shadow
1:53:05 Adding motion to an illustration – wrap-up and recap


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