How to Animate any Object with Kladi from Printmysoul

Learn how to animate any object in Photoshop with Kladi! Today she’ll show you the most efficient techniques to create different styles of animation using the timeline panel. Bring your graphics to life and capture the attention of your followers by making your art move.

Host Kladi is a Visual Strategist at Studio Printmysoul based in Manchester, England:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
00:47 Introduction
03:20 Animation overview
10:02 Creating a new document
12:38 Saving your document
13:44 Layer organization
17:05 Outline view
18:00 Copying and pasting into Photoshop
23:08 Creating a video timeline
25:29 Rasterize vs smart object animation
29:10 Keyframing
39:00 Animating the night sky
41:47 Editing and reusing gradients
44:53 Animating the legs
50:38 Animating the eyes


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