How To Add Images With Margin in Webflow

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Webflow will enable you to create responsive, accessible websites using intuitive design techniques without the need for complex coding.

This course is aimed at people who are new to Webflow and to web design in general.
We will start by creating a simple single page site, learning basic layout techniques and using simple animations.

Webflow software is visual and does not require you to learn coding. You will learn how to ensure your website is consistent across desktop, laptop and mobile devices. We learn about CSS Classes for layout and font styling and also the importance of Class naming conventions.

If you have already tried using Webflow and are now wondering whether you should be using grids, flex, columns or divs and why…do not fear. By the end of this course you will know which to use and why!
We will learn how to build your own portfolio website and we will incorporate some exciting animations too.

Together we will learn to create and style forms and incorporate those into your website.
Some of you may have already started to use Figma or Adobe XD. I will show you how you can convert the files you have created and incorporate them into a Webflow site.

Previous experience using Figma or Adobe XD is not essential when using Webflow.

We will learn about Sticky Navs, SEO’s, Symbols, REM’s, Floats, Gradients and Fonts.

We will create a CMS website and a blog and will learn how to hand over responsibility for these to clients or colleagues, hand over the site so that someone other than you can then login and manage all of the content themselves.

We will look at , create and style an E-Commerce Site, creating and styling Shopping Carts, Order Forms and Shopping Gateways. We will learn how to sell both digital and physical products and services.

If some of the terminology such as Global, Flex, Grid, Nav all sounds too hard – remember we will start from scratch and work through techniques step by step. This course is aimed at anybody who wants to build websites using Webflow.

You may only need to design a single website for yourself, you may want to become a fulltime web designer, you might be a freelancer already and wanting to expand the type of work you are able to offer your clients. This course is for you!

I set assignments throughout this course which will enable you to practice your skills and to use what you create within your very own portfolio.

You are about to go from Website Zero to Webflow Hero!

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