How I made $40,000+ from side hustles 😳 5 gigs I wish I started sooner

Apart from your career, have you ever thought about other ways to make additional income? Whether you have or not, today’s article will be breaking down 6 specific side “hustles” that architectural designers can translate their skills and interests into to make some extra cash. Who doesn’t love a little extra money in their pockets?

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0:00 Before getting started
1:00 Key concepts
1:30 Know your assets
1:54 1. Reasons to start a tour guide gig
2:26 1. Get started as a freelance tour guide
3:28 2. Reasons to start an art gig
4:11 2. Get started as a freelance artist
5:50 3. Reasons to start photography side hustle
6:16 3. Get started as a freelance photographer
7:08 4. Reasons to start a UX design gig
8:54 4. Get started as a freelance UX designer
9:08 5. Reasons to teach software
10:36 5. How to start teaching software
11:36 My advice/thoughts

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