How Faces Work in SketchUp – The SketchUp Essentials #2

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This tutorial will walk you through how faces work in SketchUp. It talks about how SketchUp creates faces, how you can delete faces, and how you can bring them back again if they get deleted.

Creating faces between 3 or more coplanar lines – 1:06

The effects of deleting a bounding edge of a shape in SketchUp – 1:50

Deleting a face without deleting a bounding edge in your SketchUp Model – 2:44

Bringing a face back that was deleted in SketchUp – 3:08

Dividing a face in SketchUp – 3:39

Merging two faces in SketchUp – 3:55

Fronts and backs of faces in SketchUp – 4:05


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