Halloween Haunted House SketchUp Speed Model

SketchUp Speed Model of the Week – Halloween Haunted House!
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This week’s SketchUp speed modeling video is my Halloween Image – I’ve created a haunted, dilapidated looking house. This is actually based on an image that came up on my Windows 10 Spotlight login, and I actually took a photo of it with my phone because I couldn’t find a picture of it online.

One thing to note on this one – I didn’t model everything for this building – I modeled just what would be visible in my final scene. So basically, I started with a scene in mind and only modeled what I needed to create it.

A couple quick notes on this one – as usual, I had a heavy focus on using components for repeating materials.

Secondly – I really struggled with the roof on this one – it was kind of an afterthought to me, then when I finally got around to doing it, I really had some struggles, but I think it worked out ok

Third – this is the first model I’ve done that incorporated fog, and I liked the results I got.

Finally – my favorite part of this model was the way I was able to use the texture positioning to create kind of a dilapidated, broken set of blinds. I think that and the plywood in the windows really added to the “mood” of the model.

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