Hal Foster – The Structural Impulse

Lecture date: 1997-06-03

In a lecture provisionally entitled The Structural Impulse: Towards a New Theory of Post Modernism Hal Foster explores the ethnographic turn in recent theory and artistic practice. He presents a series of statements arguing that the world is now witnessing the emergence of a new strain of art and theory that seek to be grounded in actual bodies and social sites.

Foster is one of the most influential art critics at work today. He is Professor and Chair of the Department of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University and former Professor of Art History at Cornell. He is a regular contributor to various journals including October and the London Review of Books, editor of the influential essay collection The Anti-Aesthetic, and author of several books including Compulsive Beauty; The Return of the Real; Design and Crime; and Prosthetic Gods.

NB: Questions almost inaudible during Q & A.


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