Grounded Visionaries: The Harvard Campaign for the GSD

A tribute to the School’s past, its aspirations for the future, and its responsibility to global society. Fumihiko Maki begins the evening by sharing his tremendous insight and groundbreaking work from over 50 years as an architect. Following Maki-san’s delightful presentation, GSD Dean Mohsen Mostafavi, and Campaign Co-Chairs John Irving and Phil Harrison share their commitment to expanding the capacity of the School, enhancing its global impact, and empowering its students. Following a premiere of the Grounded Visionaries film, a surprise speaker, Joanie Tom MArch ’15, concludes the evening with a moving testimonial of her time at the GSD.


• Phil Harrison AB ’86, MArch ’93

• John K. F. Irving AB ’83, MBA ’89

• Fumihiko Maki MArch ’54, GSA ’56

• Thom Mayne MArch ’78

• Mohsen Mostafavi

• Master of Ceremonies: Marc Kushner MArch ’04

Learn more about the GSD’s Grounded Visionaries campaign at (coming early 2015)



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