Graphic Design with Andrew Hochradel – 3 of 3

Join Brand Identity Designer Andrew Hochradel on Adobe Live as he creates a brand identity package for a fictional awards show called the Credit Awards! An awards show for people behind the scenes, Andrew will focus on logo design, type design and brand concepts. Stick around to learn how he applies a brand identity system and presents it to clients!

Andrew is a brand identity designer and partner at Black Roses, a brand experience agency. You may have seen him on stage hosting Creative South or heard one of his talks at Creative Mornings!


Join us on Behance:
Check out part 1:
Check out part 2:

Recap: 4:50
How to achieve an old tv look: 9:03
How to create custom 3D drop shadows: 25:10
How to add a custom vignette: 31:49
How to add glow: 50:58
Final project pitch: 1:06:20


Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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