Glow Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop | Layer Style, Blending Options

In this episode, we will look at ” How we can create Neon Glow effect in Adobe Photoshop “. We will be creating Two Designs using very simple techniques & Options. For the 1st design, we have created a text layer, added a nice outer Glow, Applied blue color to the Drop shadow and changed the blend mode to overlay. for the background, we have increased the contrast to add dark and light shades. In the second design, we have used Text and removed the inner fill color and applied stroke to it. Then we have given a outer glow. In the same added the effects to the other texts. Added inner and outer glow. Later add light flare using the lens flare option. Then add a grid using pattern overlay option and invert it just to give interesting look to the design. It’s very simple and very easy to follow. So check out the video to watch the step by step process.

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