Getting Started in Vector Illustration with Paul Trani – 2 of 2

Learn how to create your very first vector illustration with Paul Trani on Adobe Live! In this two-day stream, Paul will showcase the power of vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator on iPad and Desktop. Learn how to turn your next design into your first masterpiece!

Paul Trani is a Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe where he inspires designers everywhere to use their creativity and new technology to create compelling visuals:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:17 Work begins
07:56 Nondestructive boolean operations
15:14 Warping shapes
21:40 Touch type tool
25:22 Blob brush
39:35 Simplify paths
44:32 Modify symbols
01:04:06 Custom brushes
01:23:07 Final touches


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