Get Home in Time for Dinner! Advanced Timesaving Workflows in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Presented at Adobe MAX 2016: Adobe Premiere Pro offers several different editing workflows and many ways to handle your footage. Learn how to choose the best method for the job at hand and to customize Premiere Pro to better suit your editing style. Ditch the source monitor and edit faster with bins and multiple Timelines.

Master Trainer Jarle Leirpoll shows these advanced, timesaving workflows that will help you edit faster:
– The power of the bin: Use bin features for effective editing. Do more before the clip goes to the Timeline.
– Storyboarding and Top and Tail editing for superfast rough cuts
– Pancake Timeline: Stack your Timelines to work much faster.
– Let Premiere Pro do the hard work: Auto-sync all your dual-system sound clips in one go.
– Custom presets and keyboard shortcuts for faster turnaround



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