Geoff Bennington – Emergencies

Lecture date: 1997-01-27

Geoff Bennington gives a critical account of Bernard Stiegler’s important work on technology. Stiegler urges on us the suggestion that philosophy has hitherto been quite unable to think of technology in its specificity, and that it is urgent that we do so if we are to have any future. Stiegler thinks that technology is an emergency. Bennington argues that this position relies on an important misconstrual of Derrida’s thinking of ‘originary technicity’, and that the very urgency of Stiegler’s tome pushes him into a refined form of positivism which, as Bennington shows in his concluding remarks on Richard Beardsworth’s Derrida and the Political (Beardsworth is also co- translator of the first volume of Stiegler’s Technics and Time), has interesting political implications.

Geoff Bennington is Professor of French at the University of Sussex. He has written extensively on contemporary French philosophy.


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