FORMAT Issue 1 – Lecture Format

Lecture date: 2011-07-06

3rd in Series

‘Addressing the Audience Directly or Not, Sometimes With a Soundtrack’

Image: Woody Harrelson’s character in Indecent Proposal (1993) delivering Louis Kahn’s famous ‘brick’ lecture.

Lecture Format presents the presentational aspect of art, the comic didactic in PowerPoint, the tragedy of serious posturing, and Utopian visions recited to the rhythm of a sweaty dance-floor.”

Victoria Camblin is a writer, a doctoral candidate at Cambridge University who specialises in Georges Bataille, and editor of 032c magazine

Mark Cousins is Director of History and Theory at the AA, and currently Guest Professor at South Eastern University Nanjing, China

Tuomas Toivonen is an architect, urbanist, founder of NOW in Helsinki, and in 2010 released the 12” architecture record-book Urbanism in the House


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