FIX Pixelated Effects In Illustrator ((SOLVED)) Perfect Gaussian Blur Effect

Have you ever experienced pixelated and poor renders with Illustrator effects? Maybe you want to add a gaussian blur, and it ends up looking pixelated and terrible. Well, todays I have a quick trick to turn those pixelated effects, into smooth and visually appealing Illustrator renders. Tune in and find out how, in todays Illustrator tutorial.

I have experienced this many times with Illustrator effects, specially the gaussian blur effect and drop shadows. It often happens when you make such effects on CMYK documents, rather than RGB. However, I have a great and easy method to work around this, and make sure that your effects look awesome each and every time, even on CMYK documents. After the tutorial, you will be able to design something using gaussian blurs and other effects, without pixilation or any poor renders.

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