Fantasy Character Design with Sam Peterson and Tim Möbest – 1 of 2

Join Sam Peterson and Tim Möbest as they explore character design in Adobe Photoshop! Sam will showcase his full workflow for designing unique characters and fantasy environments. Stay tuned for pro-tips on building characters using lines, shapes and unique color palettes.

Sam Peterson is a concept artist, illustrator and Adobe Live moderator based in Los Angeles, CA:

Tim Möbest is a Community Moderator, Creative Mentor & Host for Adobe Live based in Halle (Saale), Germany:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

Introduction: 4:30
Work begins: 14:55
How Sam constructs the figure: 24:53
Using the warp tool to edit the drawing: 41:30
Character overview and start: 43:55
Color block in begins: 51:02
Quick grayscale checking tip: 1:16:52
Shadow using a multiply layer: 1:27:14
Lighting using color dodge: 1:52:04



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