Ethics and the Questions of Space, the Environment and Architecture – Hugo Hinsley

Lecture date: 1997-11-24

Contested Landscapes – Ethics and Intervention in Australia

Since the British landed at Sydney Cove in 1788 there has been a frustrating and often sordid history of relations between the white settlers, or invaders, and the Aboriginal people. Fundamental differences in concepts of space, language and time have led willingly, as well as unknowingly, towards the eradication of Aboriginal space and culture. The fictional voice of white history has almost succeeded in rewriting the multidimensional history of Aboriginal space.

Hugo Hinsley has taught at the AA since 1974. Jointly responsible for the MA programme on Housing and Urbanism, he also teaches in the Future Practice course in the Diploma School. He is an architect with experience in housing, community buildings and urban development projects. A member of the research committee of Europan, he has taught, lectured and published internationally.

NB: Delay at beginning before cutting to Hugo Hinsley already speaking.



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