Editing Editorial and Commercial Photography with Carmen Chan – 2 of 2

Tune in with photographer and Lightroom Ambassador Carmen Chan for a crash course in editing in Lightroom Classic. This week Carmen will edit a series of editorial interior and commercial photography in her signature clean and minimal style. If you’re interested in taking your photos to the next level, tune in!

Guest Carmen Chan is a Photographer & Lightroom Ambassador based in Los Angeles, CA: https://www.behance.net/carmen-chan
Learn more about the Lightroom Ambassadors: https://lightroom.adobe.com/ambassadors

Host Arabela Espinoza is the Co-Founder of Weekend Creative, a Photographer and Art Director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area: https://www.behance.net/weekend-creative

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive

00:00 Start
02:42 Carmen discusses and shows her work
09:09 Starting work on travel photo edits – making selects
18:05 Creating categories for your work
24:13 Discussing the transition/differences between hobbyist & professional photogs
33:04 Creating a custom preset in Lightroom
49:50 Edits for social media platforms
51:03 Discussing print settings
53:05 Aligning images in LR
58:39 Copying adjustment setting to apply to other images
1:01:48 Cropping using overlays to help with composition
1:05:45 Podcast referrals for photogs and creatives
1:09:18 Using shadow sliders to bring out detail
1:14:36 Shooting challenging subjects
1:22:00 Retouching photos in PS – using healing brush vs spot healing
1:27:44 Useful PS shortcuts and tips
1:31:34 Portfolio reviews
1:49:54 Back to retouching photos – Using masks to dodge or burn photos
1:52:49 Tips for directing shoots


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