Doodle Therapy: Worldbuilding with Roxy & Matt Ortiz of Wooden Wave & Alice Lee – 2 of 2

This week on Doodle Therapy, we’re welcoming Roxy and Matt Ortiz of Wooden Wave, a dynamic Hawaii-based duo specializing in artwork and mural installations. Roxy and Matt are known for their intricate, unique style of worldbuilding in their artwork: from their epic, inventive treehouse murals to their detailed, lush illustration scenes. Together, we’ll focus on the concept of worldbuilding: creating unique, detailed, fleshed-out worlds within our illustrations. Let your imaginations run wild! Regardless of your age or skill level, everyone is invited to join and draw along. Grab a cup of tea, and come by for an hour of relaxing drawing.

Guests Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz are a husband and wife art duo based in Hawaii:

Host Alice Lee is an illustrator and muralist based in San Francisco:

Join us LIVE on Behance:



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