Documents of Displacement I: Pedro Barbáchano

Join us for the first installment of our series Documents of Displacement, during which Marisa Portolese, Jinyoung Kim, and Pedro Barbáchano will present photographic projects that focus on the spatial displacement of people, objects, and monuments, questioning the effects of these contextual changes on their meanings and on collective memory. From research to documentation, portraiture, narrative, and installation, the artists will describe the methodologies and processes they have developed while working on their projects.

Philae, a photographic series on which Pedro Barbáchano has been working since 2017, deals with the archaeological monuments once found in the area of the Aswan High Dam in Egypt, before being partially submerged in the 1970s after its construction. The project documents one of these archeological complexes, the Philae temple, which was completely dismantled and rebuilt on the nearby Agilkia Island in order to be preserved. However, the addition of sound and lighting systems modified the ideological structure and completed the temple’s transition from a place of worship to a site of industrial extraction.



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