Designing a News App with Kate Kassab – 1 of 2

Join visual designer Kate Kassab on Adobe Live as she designs a social app to share good news using Adobe XD! Stay tuned as Kate shows off some of XD’s newest features while sharing best practices for collaborating with other designers and developers.

Guest Kate Kassab is a Visual Designer based in San Diego, CA:

Host Howard Pinsky is a Senior Adobe XD Evangelist based in Los Angeles, CA.
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
05:30 Intro of Project: The Good Place
20:00 Designing the Sign Up Page
21:15 Using the Whiteboard Plugin (and other plugins from the same developers)
25:15 Using components
29:50 Discussing the Anima Plugin
42:00 On Responsive Resize & Components (compared to Sketch)
49:20 Starting on Animations
55:00 Leaving notes in your own file
01:05:20 Illustrations from
01:21:00 Enabling Stacks
01:50:00 Pro-tip for navigating through Parent/Child Nesting


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