Designing a Documentary’s Brand Identity with Naoma from Nuevo Studio – 1 of 2

Join designer Naoma Serna-Zahn and Kladi Vergine as she designs a brand identity on Adobe Live! Watch Naoma design the branding for a forthcoming documentary about women in design called “Redesigning HERstory.” From moodboard to collateral, see how Naoma brings the mission of this documentary to life through an original brand identity.

Guest Naoma Serna-Zahn is a multi-award winning Graphic Designer, originally from Mexico. She is a member of Nuevo Studio, a collection of diverse international women founded with the goal to increase diversity in design in their home state of Oklahoma:

Host Kladi Vergine is the visual strategist and founder of Studio Printmysoul, a Manchester-based design studio:
Join us on Behance:

00:00 Start
10:20 Covering the branding of the Documentary
13:25 Aligning text
18:20 Optical vs Auto aligning of text
23:10 Using grid align
25:40 Background of the brand identity concept
31:00 Avoiding and breaking out of creative block
46:40 Making artboards for Instagram carousel
55:32 Choosing artboard size
1:02:33 Aligning images for the Instagram carousel
1:09:35 How Naoma chooses colors
1:22:48 Placing images on the artboard
1:33:30 Wrapping up the Instagram design
1:37:45 Reviewing the AI Creative Daily Challenge
1:52:32 Recap of designs



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