Design, Value, and Risk: Relevance in Architectural Pedagogy

Moderator: Daniel Friedman, University of Washington
Panelists: Phil Bernstein, Yale University
Kiel Moe, Harvard University
Billie Faircloth, KieranTimberlake

Recent trends in architecture—sustainable design, digital fabrication, BIM—allege to strengthen the professional curriculum and better prepare students for careers in and around practice, and yet a new survey indicates that architecture graduates suffer the highest unemployment rates among all majors. Meanwhile, many experts and practitioners share concern that economic recovery will not restore the architecture jobs lost in the Great Recession. These and other indicators connect the efficacy of our curriculum to the future of the profession. This panel focuses on an assumption common in our pedagogy that cost/value analysis is antagonistic to design integrity, and that design is best served by the separation of process and risk. Panelists will explore the context and consequences of these assumptions and speculate on changing conditions for education and practice in the coming decade.


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