David Wild – Fragments of Utopia

Lecture date: 1998-04-30

David Wild, a former AA student and tutor, tells hilarious tales about his life and the School while discussing the collages shown in an AA exhibition of his work. Wild’s colourful collages represent the dreams and realities of modern architecture as experienced in the early twentieth-century in the Netherlands, during the Russian revolution, and through the life and work of Le Corbusier across three continents. Seeking to match the excitement of these times and countries while also representing the real conditions, the collages are reflections of Wild’s experience and activity as an architect, writer and teacher. Postage stamps make particularly strong local historical witnesses and play an important supporting role in his composite images. Other cultural references include jazz, football, movies and politics, all suffused with humour and a sense of the historical awareness of the modern movement: the adventure in perspective.

The lecture and exhibition accompanies the launch of his book Fragments of Utopia: collage reflections of heroic modernism.



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