Darlene Montgomery: “Fall”

Graduate student Darlene Montgomery created the video “Fall” for ARC3033 — a Master of Architecture course taught by Professor John Shnier in the fall of 2013. The course, entitled “Piranesi and The Modern: Moving and Still: The Ecstasy of The Fragment and Triumph of the Imagination,” explored the idea that space is both stable and fluid. Students were challenged to pursue this idea through film and still images. The final projects were then showcased in an exhibition, screening and discussion with established artists and filmmakers.

Writes Darlene:

“This film is about the coming of winter, about the death and dissolution, about the image and mass of a landscape dissolving through time. The film was shot in Mount Pleasant Cemetery during the autumn of 2013. Like many 19th century cemeteries, it was designed to privilege views to the sky, so that the visitor and mourner would look up and be reminded of faith in the larger human condition. The tree canopy here serves as the link between the ground and the sky, between visible and invisible worlds.”

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