Dallas Land-Scraper

Special Mention
2009 Skyscraper Competition

Brian Ahmes, Gregg Hicks, Chad Porter
United States

Dallas Land-Scraper
Dallas Land-Scraper

During the 1960’s the city of Dallas possessed a vibrant urban culture, stimulated by round-the-clock living, working, and playing. A few years later, an aggressive interstate construction and a new desire for the suburban dream, transformed the city into a commuter business hub that closes at five o’clock.

The Land Scraper is a horizontal skyscraper, rescaling human experience, trying to reconnect the once thriving urban life. Spanning over 1500 feet and five city blocks, the building slithers through three main districts: The Performing Arts District, the Financial District, and Deep Ellum. The project seeks a balance within its neighborhood, encouraging a pedestrian and public experience throughout the day and night. It eliminates the single-core vertical circulation and responds to the dense urban sprawl.

The Land Scraper was designed with the notion of rethinking circulation and connectivity within a dense urban fabric. Its horizontality creates a greater sense of scale and fluidity.

Dallas Land-Scraper
Dallas Land-Scraper Board 1
Dallas Land-Scraper
Dallas Land-Scraper Board 2

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