Daguerreotype Vintage Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorial (+ FREE Textures!)

In today’s Photoshop tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a vintage photo effect, based on Daguerreotypes from the 1800s. Being the most common photography method in the 19th century, this photo style is often associated with old portraits and scenes of the wild west. Daguerreotypes were exposed onto polished metal plates which were easily tarnished and scratched. This has become one of the main aesthetics of these antique images, so we’ll be using some texture images to mimic the appearance. And to achieve the most realism, we’ll be using the real thing! I recently found some public domain scans of authentic Daguerreotype photographs, which I processed into design resources by Photoshopping out the subject to leave just the texture of the tarnished metal plate.

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