Creating Snowboard Designs with Alex Lazaris and Shauna Lynn

Join designers Alex Lazaris and Shauna Lynn on Adobe Live as they hit the design slopes! Tune in to the live stream as they create snowboard designs in Photoshop to help promote the spirit of the games. Download the free character prompt and create your own custom snowboard design alongside the duo!

Download the free character prompts and mockups:

Guest Alex Lazaris is the Creative Director of Lazaris, an independent brand studio based in Portland:

Host Shauna Lynn is a hand lettering artist and illustrator based in Chicago:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:30 Intro
04:30 Design prompt
05:25 Industry snowboard trends
21:15 If your dream client landed in your inbox, who/what would it be?
25:00 Where to find great fonts
38:10 Great places to find inspiration
39:15 What design peripherals do SShauna and Alex use?
55:50 How Shauna fills in shapes to mimic chalk
57:30 What to listen to while working
01:11:00 Alex’s client communication process
01:13:30 Shauna’s client communication process
01:22:00 Using the “clear” brush mode
01:28:55 Advice for hand lettering with brushes
01:31:50 Handling design ideas that are better in theory than in practice
01:49:20 The value of adding noise textures
01:51:00 Recap of the day’s work


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