Creating my Own Pencil Brushes in Photoshop | Tutorial

How to create brush? How to create brush from Sketch? What are steps that you need to know? How to Load New Brushes?

In this episode, I will be Creating my own Pencil Brushes in Photoshop. And show you how you can create your own custom Brushed. Then export it for future use. You can have your own brush library to carry around and load it to any computer. Once you know all the steps, it will be very easy to create your own brushes in photoshop.

00.55 – How to import Sketch Images
01:21 – Levels
02:36 – Defining Brush Presets
03:15 – Adjusting Brush Settings
04:24 – Export created brush
05:02 – Load Brush
05:56 – Creating Line Brush
08:10 – Fixing Line Brush Direction
12:49 – Saving all Brushes
13:30 – Loading and using it again

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