Creating Lightroom Presets with Aundre Larrow – 2 of 2

Join photographer Aundre Larrow as he shows you how to profit from your photography with Lightroom presets. Tune in on day 1 as Aundre walks you through the Lightroom camera tutorial and how to create your own presets. Come back for Day 2, where he will show how to export and sell your presets and place presets on discover files for your customers to learn how to edit. Stay tuned for a quick lesson on placing your images in Creative Cloud Express!

Guest Aundre Larrow is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY:

Host Paco Siller is the Studio Manager and Video Producer for Adobe Live based in San Francisco, CA:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
01:15 Acknowledgement and an moment of silence for Ukraine
06:00 Intro of Aundre
09:00 Work begins
10:00 Review of focus peaking
12:10 Creating custom presets in Lightroom mobile
18:45 Experimenting with contrast
22:50 Color grading in Lightroom mobile
27:00 Sharpness and print
31:20 Masking an image in Lightroom mobile
36:50 How does Aundre capture shots and direct models
39:00 Using the Healing and Cloning tools
44:20 More advice on creating presets
46:50 Transitioning edits from mobile to desktop Lightroom
49:50 Advice for selling your custom resources
56:00 Using exported XMP files
01:05:00 Exploring image profiles
01:08:00 Working between Photoshop and Lightroom
01:09:50 Using the Mixer Brush in Photoshop
01:13:20 Aundre’s experience with directing
01:15:00 Using Creative Cloud Express
01:31:00 Artist spotlight
01:43:00 Exploring quick actions in Creative Cloud Express
01:52:00 Parting words from Aundre!


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