Creating Custom Profiles in SketchUp with Profile Builder 2 – SketchUp Plugin of the Week #17

Today’s SketchUp plugin will allow you to create and extrude custom profiles and help you create smart wall assemblies!
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*Affiliate disclaimer – I am an affiliate for Profile Builder, so if you purchase the plugin through this link I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help me offset the cost of running the SketchUp Essentials, so if you do end up purchasing, thank you very much!
Short Intro
One of the things that doesn’t get talked about a lot in SketchUp is its ability to create smart components and assemblies. This week’s extension of the week not only helps you create smart extruded objects, it also helps you build smart assemblies in your model.
Plugin Name: Profile Builder 2
Plugin Developer: Dale Martens, aka Whaat
How Much does it cost? $59.99. Currently on sale until the end of March for $29.99
Where do you get it?
It’s located in the SketchUp extension warehouse. I’ll link to it in the notes down below.
Tool Functions
This is definitely a premium level extension, so it has a lot of different options.
At its core though, this extension creates two different kinds of objects. The first is profiles. We’ve talked in the past about using the follow me tool to create profiles. This tool is built to help you use and manage those profiles.
It comes with a library of profiles built in that you can extrude either by clicking on points, or by extruding along path.
It will also allow you to create, preview, and save new profiles that you’ve built.
Since profile builder creates smart assemblies, it also comes with an option to go back and edit profiles you’ve built.
You can also update profiles, so you can swap out assemblies for different looks.
The other powerful thing that profile builder does is create smart assemblies.
These assemblies can be anything from railings that automatically create pickets and posts at a certain spacing, to complete assemblies.
These assemblies can contain multiple different parts and pieces. For example, this wall contains all the parts of a construction wall, including masonry, insulation, flashing, and concrete footer. You can also create custom wall assemblies.
Finally, you can set up profile builder to create a report of the quantities in your model, allowing you to quickly create cost estimates of assemblies.
All in all, this a very smart profile building extension. From a function standpoint, it basically allows you to make your SketchUp models “smart models,” that you can then extract data and information from.

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