Creating a Psychedelic Landscape with Savana Ogburn – 2 of 2

Join photographer and collage artist Savana Ogburn on Adobe Live as she creates a psychedelic landscape using Photoshop and Adobe Stock! This week Savana will play with bright colors and texture in this two part series.

Savana Ogburn is a photographer, collage artist, and set designer based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check our part 1:

Recap/inspiration: 3:00
Work begins/importing photos: 5:30
Tackling procrastination: 13:30
Using social media for your art: 17:00
Conquering creative block: 57:00
Animation process: 1:00:00
Quick mask: 1:25:00
Project recap: 1:41:00




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