Creating a Movie Poster in Photoshop: Riddick – Part 1

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Movie posters are a wonderful place to look for inspiration when creating art. They are the culmination of countless creative people working together towards a common goal. A movie poster has to be so much more than a simple image. It must tell the story of the movie and pull people into the theaters.

In this episode we show you how to go from an image straight out of camera, into the dark image you see as the final. We cover how to color your images to strip everything down to one Hue. Then you will learn how to cover your subject in shadow, leaving only the necessary details.

Here are some of the tools we use:
Curves — Curves are the foundation of editing images in Photoshop.
Blend If — Blend-if allows you to restrict a layer to be visible only where highlights or shadows exist.
Hue & Saturation — Colorize your image to make more of an impact


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