Creating a Coloring Book Page with Cat Willett – 2 of 2

Learn how to draw a floral coloring book page with Cat Willett! In part 1, she’ll share how to use an Adobe Stock photo as a reference to sketch, ink, and layout her illustration. Stick around for part 2 as she colors her piece using live brushes in Adobe Fresco and makes her print available for you to download and color!

Download Cat’s Coloring book page:

Guest Cat Willett is an Illustrator based in Brooklyn, NY:

Host Anna McNaught is a photographer, photoshop artist, and traveler:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
03:27 Discussion of Cat’s work
06:37 Color palette
16:03 Discussion of other Adobe apps
24:11 Cat’s brush choices – favoriting brushes in Fresco
27:32 Discussing art generational art careers
30:30 Working with Live Brushes
31:55 Oil painting texture with Live Brushes
38:10 Light Mode vs. Dark Mode
47:27 Cat continues to color her drawing
52:53 Paint Bucket tool – separate layers
58:01 Discussing current shows/entertainment
1:00:27 Using a watercolor brush for the background
1:06:56 Adjusting line color to help the text stand out
1:08:43 Discussion of pets
1:12:12 Anna discusses travel plans
1:17:21 Coloring the hands – skin tone palette
1:26:53 Finding color palette references
1:33:22 Artist Spotlight of Sérgio’s Veterano
1:41:40 Painting fingernail details
1:46:45 Creating shadows – shadow layer
1:51:10 Recap


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