Create a Documentary Trailer with Jason Levine – 2 of 2

Join Jason Levine on Adobe Live as he cuts together a trailer for a documentary about Blues artist, Fuzzy Island! Follow Jason’s full workflow, from building a timeline to synchronizing secondary audio to video. Stick around to learn how Jason adds motion graphics elements from After Effects and finalizes sound for YouTube in Audition.

Jason Levine is a Worldwide Video Evangelist for Adobe:
Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Work begins: 3:19
Title cards using Adobe Stock: 11:15
How to enable GPU acceleration: 43:56
How to stabilize footage: 52:14
Editing audio: 1:25:20
How to add guides and rulers: 1:43:39
How to edit in Audition: 1:51:30


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