Combining Imagery with Holly Rose Stones – 2 of 2

Level-up your Photoshop compositing skills with Photographer & Digital Artist Holly Rose Stones. Over the next two days, join Holly as she creates a new unique piece for her “Three Facts One Face” series. Tune in as she incorporates YOUR real-time feedback in her design process!

Guest Holly Rose Stones is a Photographer and Digital Artist based in the United Kingdom:

Host Arabela Espinoza is the Co-Founder of Weekend Creative, a Photographer and Art Director team based in the San Francisco Bay Area:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
04:16 Holly introduces herself and her work
06:30 Recap of previous session’s work
11:42 Continuing work on self portrait from previous session
16:45 Detailing hair – adding texture, painting hair
22:06 Adding edge detail to plants
25:06 Creating a background for the self portrait
32:01 How Holly paints her shadows
41:00 Adjusting the tone of an image – removing green wash from the watering can
48:59 Adding layers of shadow for various flowers using clipping masks
1:01:35 Integrating crown of flowers
1:10:20 Process – creating a clipping mask
1:14:00 Adding a shadow beneath the chair – using original photo for reference
1:23:43 Adding shadows to flower crown – using clipping mask with a group
1:28:30 Adjusting the background layers
1:29:52 Review of the PS daily creative challenge
1:46:51 Continuing work on self portrait collage – how to know when you’re finished
1:49:00 Using Lightroom to add additional color adjustments – applying presets
1:55:20 Recap of both days work


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