Colombia at Columbia: What is Social Urbanism? Part 1

Colombia at Columbia: Innovations in architecture and urbanism

Curated by Clara Irazabal and Alejandro de Castro Mazarro, Latin Lab, GSAPP

Colombia at Columbia: Innovations in Architecture and Urbanism seeks to critically explore Colombian urban-design transformations of the past 20 years as potential models of social urbanity. The urban reshaping of large Colombian cities is unprecedented in its scale, magnitude, and impact. “Social Urbanism,” a term coined in Medellin, denotes this urban renovation as an approach in which politics, architecture, urbanism, and people come together as ingredients for successful socio-spatial improvements.

As a result of these experiences in Colombia, urban design is enjoying renewed attention as an instrument for the enhancement of urban livability, social equity, and environmental stability in Latin America. The afternoon conference Colombia at Columbia: Innovations in Architecture and Urbanism will explore this intersection of politics, urban policies, and design with relevance for scholars and professionals of various disciplines.

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Latin American Studies

Keynote Address: Alejandro Echeverri, Director, Center for Urban and Environmental Studies (URBAM), EAFIT University
Eduardo Behrentz, Director, Environmental Engineering Research Center, Universidad de los Andes
Maria Helena Botero Ospina, Professor, School of Political Science, Universidad del Rosario
Isabel Cuervo, PhD Candidate, Subprogram in Environmental Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Milena Gomez-Kopp, Professor at the Diplomatic Academy of Colombia
Clara Irazabal, Director, Latin American and Caribbean Laboratory, Columbia University
Beatriz Elena Rave Herrera, General Manager, Empresa de Vivienda de Antioquia (VIVA)
Patricio del Real, PhD Candidate, Architecture, Columbia University
Jorge Otero-Pailos, Associate Professor, Columbia University GSAPP
Ana Elvira Velez, Founder, Ana Elvira Velez Architecture Office


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