City of the Future: Remote Work | Podcast Episode 13

In an era of remote work, when people can work from anywhere, where will they choose to live? And what can cities do to set themselves apart from the competition? In this episode, we look at the ways remote work could change not just the way we live in cities — but which cities we live in, too.

In this episode:
[0:01 – 4:47] Tulsa Remote community manager Taylor Allen tells her story of moving from Florida to Tulsa, Oklahoma, sight unseen
[7:09 – 11:00] Professor of Urban Economics Richard Florida on why the future of economic development is about talent
[12:02 – 14:06] Digital transformation adviser Anett Numa on how Estonia became one of the most digitally enabled countries in the world
[14:12 – 16:23] Topia Chief Product Officer Sten Tamkivi on what kinds of factors draw people to specific cities
[16:36 – 18:22] Topia Director of Product Management Chantel Rowe shows Estonia’s digital infrastructure in action — and how it made her move to the country easy
[19:43 – 22:59] Taylor returns to explain why fostering a sense of community matters in attracting talent

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City of the Future is hosted by Eric Jaffe and Vanessa Quirk, and produced by Benjamen Walker and Andrew Callaway. Mix is by Zach Mcnees. Art is by Tim Kau. Our music is composed by Adaam James Levin-Areddy of Lost Amsterdam. Special thanks to Richard Florida, Anett Numa, Sten Tamkivi, Chantel Rowe, and Taylor Allen.