Cinematecture & Architectography – Part 3

Lecture date: 1998-05-08

It has been speculated that the effects of new technology – especially the digitisation of images – indicate a breakdown of traditional ideas of representation. This conference, organised by Pascal Schöning, discusses this process, particularly in the context of the representation of time. A certain ‘classical’ representation of time is one which permits the unfolding of narrative to exist alongside causality; cause and effect duplicate the time before and after. But this view is becoming obsolete; an increasing coexistence of times is paralleled by the fragmentation of causality. Film uses more tenses than that implied by narrative, and the object of much film – narrative, architecture and life – is globally reconfigured.

Jean Attali – Reunion as refrain or the crystal of time
Ron Kenley (talk and video) – Cutting the Net



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