Character Design in Photoshop with Sam Peterson | Adobe Creative Cloud

Join illustrator Sam Peterson on Adobe Live as he designs and draws superheroes and villains using Photoshop! Tune in and help Sam create the character, from colors to names, by joining the conversation in the chat!

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Guest Sam Peterson is a concept artist and Adobe Live moderator based in Los Angeles:

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

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00:00 Start
02:10 Sam’s intro and work
03:18 Starting with simple shapes
06:17 Breaking down the anatomy and posing
10:21 Using reference and posing
15:20 Super power suggestions
19:12 Narrowing down animal/superpower
26:19 Sam works on costume ideas
33:03 Refining the costume ideas
34:27 Where Sam finds inspiration
40:16 Adding hanger
43:34 Pro tip: flipping the view and hotkeys
49:27 Creating a mask – various techniques
52:01 Staying “zoomed out” and not getting caught up in details
59:20 Blocking in colors
1:03:21 Painting, refining the colors
1:08:31 Tips for streaming your work
1:18:25 Blocking in the background
1:20:17 Checking values technique
1:22:35 Adding in shadows with a multiply layer
1:27:12 Creating Ambient Occlusion shadows w/ selection tools
1:32:30 Jumping from shadow layer to shadow layer while refining
1:35:34 Sam’s collaborations and personal projects
1:38:05 Smudge brushes and tools
1:40:25 Previewing the shadow layers only to check overall value
1:42:09 Adding light – key light layer set to color dodge
1:47:17 Adding rim light with a linear dodge layer
1:49:35 Creating a spell effect – technique demo
1:54:30 Wrap-up

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Character Design in Photoshop with Sam Peterson | Adobe Creative Cloud


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