Cedric Price – Even Old Moore’s Offer Less

Lecture date: 1977-07-11

Writing about Cedric Price in 2004, Robert Harbison noted that ‘he will be fondly remembered for fluent lectures [. . . ] which were not written down but which started any number of hares, too many for anyone to follow all. In this lecture, also titled ‘A Futures Inventory for the Cautious, Committed, Crafty, and Creative’, Cedric Price juxtaposes fragments from Old Moores almanac and other texts, while raising matters ranging in scope from assembly as process and the architectural usefulness of scale, interval, time and frequency to the social and political ramifications of a society leaving the Snoopy’ age and heading into the Kermit era.

NB: Poor picture quality. Frequent sound and picture loss for the last three minutes of talk.


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