Caroline Rabourdin – Title to be Specified

Lecture Date: 2017-01-17

*Jacques Derrida, ‘Title to be Specified’ in Parages, trans. Tom Conley, (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2011)

Preceded by ‘An Incomplete Log of the Lost Conversations between the Peasant Poet and the Metropolitan Gypsy’

In his essay ‘Translation from Drawings to Buildings’, Robin Evans compares the translation of words to the translation of geometrical figures from one point in space to another. Yet, the substratum across which they travel, he adds, is not isotropic, and words get ‘bent, broken or lost on the way’. The presentation will operate a series of ‘translatory motions’ between geometry, linguistics, phenomenology and literature.

Caroline Rabourdin is an architect and essayist living in London. She graduated from INSA Strasbourg, the Bartlett, and holds a PhD from Chelsea College of Arts, UAL. Her research interests include spatial theory, geometry, phenomenology, spatial literature and comparative literature. She teaches at undergrad and graduate level at the AA School of Architecture and is the director of the AA PARIS Visiting School, which celebrates writing as a critical and creative practice.




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