Career Path #Architalks

This is a post in a group series called #ArchiTalks in which a group of us architecture bloggers post about a common theme once a month. This month’s theme is “Career Path.” To see what the others had to say, check out the links below:

Architect Of The Internet–(@Jeff_Echols) Well, How Did I Get Here (Again) ‎

Think Architect–(@LeeCalisti) A paved but winding career path
a paved but winding career path

Rock Talk–(@wishingrockhome) Career – The News Knows

Career – The News Knows

Michele Grace Hottel, Architect–(@mghottel) #architalks 41 “Career Path”

The Emerging Architect–(@bpaletz) A Winding Path
A winding path

Drew Paul Bell–(@DrewPaulBell) Career Path

Board & Vellum–(@boardandvellum) Career Path of an Architect

Yeoman Architect–(@jamesmehaffey) Career Path(s)

Mark Stephens Architects–(@architectmark) Career Path

The Original Green Blog–(@stevemouzon) A Strange Career Path


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