Can you Copyright A Building?

Copyright is a legal concept applied to creative works such as visual art, writing, film, music, and other artistic creations. What about Architecture? Architecture is often considered an art, so is it copyrightable? If so, what parts? The drawings? Models? Construction documents? Or the buildings themselves?

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
01:00 Copyright Legal Basics
02:04 Copyright in the United States
03:29 Copyright, Patents, & Trademarks
04:09 How does Infringement work?
05:54 Oravec v. Sunny Isles Luxury Ventures
07:23 Copyright in Canada
07:51 Lainco Inc v Commission Scolaire Des Bois-Francs
09:42 Copyright in China
10:28 Can you photograph a building?
11:44 Conclusion

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