Cally Spooner – BMW Tate Live: Performance Room

A second chance to watch Cally Spooner’s performance of ‘And You Were Wonderful, On Stage’ captured live 27 February 2014 at Tate Modern. Following her live musical at Tate Britain, And You Were Wonderful, On Stage, the second part of Cally Spooner’s BMW Tate Live commission transforms the musical into an extended trailer for a future film that doesn’t exist yet.

Part promise that something new will arrive, and mostly a sketch as to what this could be, Spooner’s Performance Room production finds itself situated somewhere between a rehearsal, a chat show and a promo; featuring the gestures of public figures who stumbled at a moment of liveness, a mezzo-soprano narcissist channelling public disappointment via YouTube comments, a lip-synching employee and a gossiping, absent Chorus Line.

The performance endeavours to explore the ‘making technical’ of the live; shifting the musical into a mediated, digital space, and using the web-streamed Performance Room to move between the live and the pre-recorded without clear indication of the status of either.

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